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        Designers and producers of world class high-end stereo components:
        High-end speakers, stereo interconnects, speaker cables, power conditioners and custom electronics. 
        Coming soon, pre amplifiers.
        All manufactured in the United States directly by us.

       DreamDancer Music is recording world class musical performances with state of the art DSD technologies which create the highest audio resolutions possible using recording techniques that represent the best natural stereo presentations possible.
        JENA Labs products reach across all markets from very budget conscious customers to  those with unlimited budgets, realizing that all of our customers are looking for the same thing... perfection in audio. We deliver the dream without discrimination in product or component class.   Extraordinary expertise combined with the best materials available to deliver the best performance possible in all categories of home stereo.
.speakers we make.speaker.....
....LCR test area.10 mhz 10 MHz waveform through our audio interconnect.
Audio Bandwidth is 20 hz to 20 Khz...  10 Mhz is well into video range, the picture above is a test of one of our audio interconnects operating handedly in video bandwidths.
That is one reason why they are as resolving as they are...
.lab 2.early preamp design of ours.Special project a.
..the unit in test.Proto-solidstate-device.Jennifer at work.
.Fugue interconnects.file:///home/michael/jenalabs/images/acp-2006-r.png.Mod MA 2.

.LN2.magic box.speaker enclosure .
.prometheus.mike prep 9th on 9th.recordings.
.oppo-mod.early sequoia..
.speaker cable on a budget.speaker cables.
.power-con sequoia sapling.sequoia driver board.
.sequoia insides.sequoia and box
.sequoia sapling.

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