We are Secure https as needed for the type of site we made.

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Website initialized on Hevanet   V - XXVIII - MCMXCVIII
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Hosted by HevanetIn Portland Oregon.


A descriptor for all http websites on the planet, as insecure, has a place... is now becoming obvious to use https as the future happens to just be as it is..

JENA was made on UNIX and BSD servers and designed in a LINUX environment with a Linux OS as the design platforms...
      ....which are reasonably secure by design. However the web site itself faces the public so we need to be sure of the security.
However the web site is 20 + years old. The one bit of info that may be useful now...
NOTE:: and warning we just learned a commie site might appear soon... THEY ARE NOT US or America - THE USA is not yet lost.

... Beware of Chinese Knock off web sites from The C.C.P. [ Communist China "Party" from China - An Inhuman Collective  ] ,
... In a strange off hand way, it means we are successful :-)  and the Communist Party is desperate to steal... All technology, is in threat.
   !!! To be sure you understand, its not the Chinese People !!!, They are perfectly fine and welcome,

All people of the world are welcome except >> the Communists and their "Party of Destruction" that, in fact...
... <<< are >>> Destroying the world...  No Matter Where - That Is... what they do,  Billions of people must die to prove the empty point of no return... Its just the truth..

It was All BSD Unix and was very old - Hevanet never used Microsoft Windows products and blocked the use of Front Page extensions in building with it.

  : Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and others are giving this warning and soon, likely all browsers -

   Links NOTICE all are https:

about website
Images, links - look... all becoming different.
This is a hand made website that is OLD - but is always growing and changes are always in progress.
we are working to make it more uniform - however it is slow going as we also need to make what we sell...
Happy problems...

secrurity info updated:  Oct. 18 th 2022 back to jena home

      SECURITY Warnings and whats relevant to your use of this website.
    ... links were checked on this page - recently and all are still good...however all of this is now old news...
...we keep it up to date, just because we do.

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