We are Secure as needed for the type of site we use.

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A descriptor for all http websites, as insecure, has a place... but it is of no real value to any user of a web site without log-on or log-on forms.

JENA was never intended as a platform to use any Credit Card data and no use other than to inform... it is really that old
 A passive site, mostly static - it was made on UNIX and BSD servers and designed in a LINUX environment with a Linux OS as the design platforms...
      ....which are secure by design. However the web site itself faces the public so we need to tell you the code is clean.

However the web site is 20 + years old. Pages come and go all of the time.

... Then the warning is mostly seen as a push to try and make the web itself as more secure... This is not a bad idea but can scare the uninformed public.  To use a nice way to say this could be paranoia or not - "we know their hearts are in a good place" - or just fear mongering.

    Hence this informational page;

It i
s a new trend in browsers : Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and others are giving this warning and soon, likely all browsers -
   Links NOTICE all are https this is a static site these go to secure sites:

Now what does this mean...
when on our site as a static web site - and click a link to buy something... it all goes to a https site for any data transfer.
It is as simple as that - no cookies - no tracking - this is a static information based site - it always was...

In the future it will become a https site as will every one but for now just know that it is a secure as needed and more so as it never was a windows based anything - not the server - not our site - sure anybody can see this... that was the idea - still is.
However - as soon as you click a buy it now button...
                    ... Into the secure world you go... https all the way.

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      SECURITY Warnings and whats relevant to your use of this website
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