Jena Technologies  Updated:  Jan. 21st, 2019 
International sales with Jena Technologies are going to be completed with PayPal.

Soon - Financing options for customers are potentially available via PayPal when the option is offered on the individual paypal button on the page where the item is found.
or if requested via e-mail or phone to initiate a process of possibilities.

We are looking at different solutions to help our customers.

Our ID Handle at PayPal is:   <  >  To pay us funds for a purchase, that is the ID to make the payment to from the PayPal site.

We get an e-mail with the specifics instantly from PayPal... it is quite secure, be sure to let us know via e-mail or phone as to what it is, as well.
I will e-mail back to you reflecting the transaction within a 24 hours as I look at e-mail several times during most days.

 Questions??  contact Michael Crock at
Under some circumstances, other payment arrangements may be possible, however PayPal is the best for all concerned.
If you are reading this then PayPal is possible.
Why are we doing this...

 For International sales:  

Due to the complexity of International monetary systems, it is nice to have a simple solution available to users of credit cards across the seas.
We have one of the best solutions and we use it.  PayPal. 
It is the way to go and we use it now exclusively for anyone with a computer that is online for international orders.

We will not do bank transfers for security reasons.

No Wire transfers - forget it, the process is obsolete and exceptionally insecure these days.

So for the speed, security, and automatic international monetary conversions we use PayPal.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to use the system to pay by Credit Card.
credit cards welcome Its the right way to go.    to paypal

 ..Reasons to use PayPal for your International Credit Card transactions with us... 

What is the benefit to me as a purchaser of product, to use the PayPal system?
    It does not matter if you do not have an account with PayPal, you do not need one unless you want one.
    The security of the PayPal site is very supreme, and is essentially the top of the Internet hill for this kind of transaction.
    That is why we are using them.

------------------------ Notes ----------------------

    We know, that we have heard of some people in the past have had experiences with PayPal, which did not make them happy, with PayPal.
    So to be blunt, and since we have never known anyone personally who has had problems... I offer the information below that is most instructive on how to avoid problems of security and the truth about the use of computers relative to the nature of security online.
is my short, terse but truthful advice on being safe online. not just for us, but in general, all of the time when any mobile computing connection is used at any time anywhere - the world is unsafe - Trust No One
    Hint.... Don't use English words from the dictionary as a password... the cracking bots search for common English words,  A good idea is word-number combinations that are either an uncommon language, fantasy words or language, non words and meaningless number combinations with both upper and lower case letters. This is the best way to really make great passwords, They can still mean something to you... but should be unfathomable to the public.
    Here is an example of a password that I just made up that would rate high on invincibility     O2c-Braf-Awyren2    Don't use this of course but it translates crypto like into   oh to see - lovely - airplane too   in numbers, caps, hyphens and welsh language. One could remember that if it meant something and would not be easy to crack.     Concerning Computers Systems:   No operating system ax to grind here, just the truth, Really.    ( I don't sell systems anymore. I am not trying to sell you anything computer orientated, except safety and an Idea of a better world... but after building a few thousand computers I do know something about them. :)      



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