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return policy& the Shipping Policy - plus Customs Policy.
Updated: Jan. 21 - 2019
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RETURN of JENA LABS products.
No Refunds, Exchanges Gladly.
All returns must be pre-authorized by JENA LABS Items returned because of manufacturing defect will be repaired or replaced free of charge and returned with tracking at our expense. Customer damaged items will be repaired at our normal prevailing shop rate, or replaced at normal prices, and returned via traceable means. The shipping amount will include products and all shipping fees. Items returned for any reason other than exchange/repair for defect or damage will earn credit for other JENA LABS products, minus shipping expenses and minus a 20% restocking fee.

REFUNDS: No refunds will be given for any reason for any product manufactured or value enhanced by JENA LABS, or for any product made by other manufactures and sold by JENA LABS. Your order is a contract.
Custom modifications of products not originally made by JENA LABS are not warrantied under any circumstances. Customer assumes all risks for any custom modifications to any product sent to us for modification. Changes or substitutions may be made in some circumstances if we have not yet begun to process your order.

PRODUCT AUDITIONS: JENA LABS maintains a small inventory of product for no-purchase-commitment customer audition. IF YOU ARE UNSURE of the sonic compatibility or suitability of a product we make or sell, please make arrangements for an evaluation AUDITION prior to purchase. Specific costs of an audition vary from product to product but will usually consist of coverage of all special boxing, insurance, and shipping expenses. Sufficient security must be placed by customer with JENA LABS prior to shipping the items to be auditioned, so that in the event of customers non-return of audition items, our costs will be covered. In the event of non-return, costs will be assessed and billed against the security at the prevailing MSRP plus special boxing, insurance and shipping rates. In the event an order is placed after an audition, the additional special boxing, insurance, and shipping fees incurred in processing the actual purchased item will be absorbed by JENA LABS.

CHANGING YOUR MIND: Under no circumstances will a return of any product sold in good faith as a final sale be allowed because you changed your mind. Your order IS A CONTRACT. Once we have shipped an item, it's yours. JENA LABS maintains a no-purchase-commitment PRODUCT AUDITION opportunity for you to make up your mind with. Please take advantage of our AUDITION OPPORTUNITY policy. Waiving an audition opportunity is a final decision, and a SALE cannot be retroactively converted into an AUDITION. Be sure that you want to purchase something before you do. If you are not comfortable with this policy...for JENA LABS manufactured products, please shop at one of our Retail Dealers who may have a more liberal return policy.

The Shipping policy is the same Globally now, as Domestic shipping has been for some years. Tracking required.
This protects the buyer and JENA Technologies in the best way - products ship and then they arrive and if not, We have a good idea of where failure occurred.
This type of policy helped to find a $5,000.00 Power Conditioner in a post office in a major city in an Asian Country of some noteworthy size. After many months of it thought missing, it was found and delivered in great condition.
Tracking Required

Value Declared will be real. Many countries try to squeeze extra funds from products from the US and other countries. Additionally it is US law at the Federal level. - A VAT tax or Duty... as bad a policy as it may be - we did not start this stupidity and we will not cure it.
Only intellegence in time will show that it is counter productive... In the mean time we comply with the Law of the countries that we ship to... We make world class products of distinction. They are not objects to exploit in order to save money.
The best reason to comply may at first seem counter intuitive... but is the truth... A decared truthful value automatically short circuits arbitrary values customs people anywhere from inventing a false value. Declared actual value, can be proven.
The price paid is the price decaired as the value.

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