A premiere power conditioner of superlative performance,
Top of the line Elite Series Conditioner.
The Sequoia! Designed for the World... Any AC Anywhere*.
Designed and Built in the United States by JENA technologies.
              * Just let us know where it is going to be used for initial BIFROST© selection.
        Sequoia  Updated: Dec. 31st - 2018 Jena Technologies
  The Sequoia is unlike any product made.
Prices noted:

Sequoia standard - Neutrik®Neutrik Power-con 32 Amp input  with 1116 Royal power-cord approx. 8 ft - NEMA Hubbell/JENA Duplex outputs
$20,000.00 MSRP    
Sequoia standard - Neutrik®Neutrik Power-con 32 Amp input  with 1116 Royal power-cord approx. 8 ft - Neutrik Power-con 20 amp outputs
$20,000.00 MSRP
Sequoia Standard - Optional input 20 amp NEMA - Hubbell 20 A - 1116 Royal power-cord approx. 8 ft - Either NEMA/JENA or Power-con 20 outputs
$20,000.00 MSRP

Wood Grain Options do not affect prices.
: The input driver board of the Sequoia design, is used in several of our AC power cord-conditioners,
    these Products have been reviewed.. and won awards on performance.

One is called the Model 3...
- Just that single stage product won the prestigious Brutus award last Year 2017 .

And this year the Sequoia Seedling. A three output compact version of Sequoia Sapling.

Now just imagine this product, The Sequoia with massive conditioning on every output device, Duplex or Paired Power-con 20:

        The latest version of the Sequoia AC power conditioner has a new top plate with laser etched name "engraving" instead of the brass plates.
The Bamboo Case can be ordered in vertical or horizontal directions for the grain structure - the internal cork lining now includes a bottom sheet.

  This one in test... at its new home in the state of Washington, in the USA:
in its new home.
The picture above does give a scale to its size... it is not timid, has presence. Physically and Sonically, unmatched.
neutrik The use of Power-Con 32 AMP by Neutrik® for the input is now standard,
PowerCon 32 locking image is the new standard Locking Power Con 32 used on the JENA Royal 1116 Power cord:
Powercon and complete Sequoia.
The reason is simple... it can not fall off in use, as it locks in place.

        However, the older 20 Amp Hubbell® is still available, by special request.
  The Sequoia with its included Power Cord - The 1116-20 Royal designed for use around the world...
  ...with Cardas® input plug custom modified by JENA and the Hubbell 20 Amp NEMA or the Neutrik world standard output plug is standard equipment
The Sequoia.
This shows the previous top plate before the addition of the name plates, now we laser "engrave" only.

This was the 20 Amp Hubbell ICE version. Still available... but the standard now is the Locking Neutrik Power-Con 32
As of 2017, We offer two directions of the Grain in the case.
As shown below either like above or like below:
 A cork lined Bamboo case.

The new standard top plate is Laser etched or "engraved" into it directly now
also shows
the Locking Neutrik Power-Con 32:
powercon and etched

 6 Hubbell/JENA NEMA (USA) Cryo Duplexes and dual magnetic world standard circuit breaker.
 Regulated pilot light for different countries ac power. 120 - 220V AC.
    BIFROST Over-volt Protection. 

The BIFROST is the name of the over-volt protection system JENA Technologies invented.
BIFROST Components.

Sequoia weight is approximately 40 lb, very strong and durable.  The Sequoia is made to last a lifetime.
Top Plate and Supports are 304 Stainless Steel.

Beautiful Real Bamboo case - lined with cork sheets.
High grade wood for the top plate to rest on and be mounted to - Torx screws, button head

inside the Sequoia.

Above: Fully Wired, The Bamboo case is lined with cork for anti-vibration.

Why are we showing the inside of it, when other company's are fearful of showing what they made.
We have no shame in anything we design and we have no fear showing it...
...It is not an embarrassment, It is pure achievement, nothing competes with this AC Power Conditioner.
We are proud of it.

JENA technologies rocks.

Below: Case in construction, note the internal area, shows the cork siding.
.case construction.
Above: Bamboo case in construction.

Below: A completed input build with the dual circuit breaker shown
input section. This portion of the sequoia, just left, is what is in the Model 3 AC Conditioner.

A snap review of one in use:

Was able to quickly listen to the Sequoia. Aptly named. Big sound.
Three immediate and undeniable impressions, one quite surprising and unanticipated. And a fourth final perhaps cumulative effect.

The first suite of effects was similar to other Jena Labs effect --> instruments and voices and ambient room around instruments and voices got bigger/more spacious.
More volume filled (like filling a balloon with air or water.) Soundstage got taller.

Second effect was most interesting --> compared to other power conditioner it was as if a "milky sluggish haze" disappeared.
Transients became clearer and sharper. More definition, especially on bass. Detail is more obvious especially in upper registers.

The third suite of effects was most surprising and unanticipated --> there was a more coherent sense of order and placement, as if without the sequoia stuff was moving about and not secure in the music plane. With the sequoia the music (instruments/voices/decay/etc) was more anchored in space and more importantly therefore more coherent in context to one another.

The final effect (maybe an outcome of other effects working together?) is the pace and rhythm was much better...speed and toe tapping and starts and stops and longer decays...the timing and pace was much much much much better ....less a speeding up of the pace and more of a removal of sluggishness if that makes sense.

The only other thing I noticed that wasn't pleasing was a bit of sharpness in the upper mids and treble ... More bite.
But this may be just more of the recording coming through and the fact the unit has less than an hour burn-in on it.

More impressions later.

Darrin P.


Darrin's other comments and his system described:
    A customer who has purchased one of the Sequoia models.

I spent the last 5 years building out my high end audio system. It is pretty stable now and I thought I had nailed the cabling as well. I went from Cardas Golden Reference and Harmonic Technology to Audience top of the line cabling. Audience was beating anything at or below its price range and most cables that cost more, some time significantly more. I standardized on it - interconnects, phono cable, speaker cables, power cords, power conditioner. All top of the line versions. Super good stuff - read the reviews ...can't go wrong with their product. Then...I ran across JENA Labs. One modest Jena Labs Pathfinder interconnect. Wow - the soundstage was the most coherent I have heard it. No note lost; every part of the soundscape present and accounted for. Organic and natural with ZERO GLARE AND ZERO ELECTRONIC CHALKINESS OR SHEEN. Harmonics true to form.

So I have slowly been building up my system on Jena Lab cables, including interconnects, speaker cables, phono cables from tonearm, headphone cabling etc.

And...I am buying the Sequoia Power Conditioner. I have been picking up the Jena Labs Model Two power cord/conditioner. Let me say this Model Two is a taste of Jena Labs upper end impact at a really modest price. It is insanely good and incredibly reasonable in price.

I just switched out my reference 20amp power cord to my ARC Ref 2SE phono preamp. Amazing difference. The previous power cord was no slouch - beating cords 2-3x in price. The JENA Labs Model Two however took everything to a new level. The soundstage was huge - width and height. The piano and vocals and strings and high hat cymbals were oh so natural and right with perfect pitch, timing and decay. I can hear differences in power cords but usually they are modest differences and typically relate to noise floor being lowered at expense of dynamics and life and presence. Now I can hear other even more significant differences with Model Two -- the seamless and coherent and proportional sound stage, the rich natural non electronic sounding harmonics and tone. The same dramatic differences I hear with the interconnects and speaker cables are same with the Model Two to the same if not bigger degree. The first time I have witnessed that with power cords to this degree of noticeable impact.

Coherence and perfect phase/timing, absence of digital or electronic glare, natural timbre and tone with organic ease to the sound. That is the consistent pleasing musical effect of Jena Labs product. I am hooked.

Not the cheapest cables but worth every penny and then some especially the Model Two. I hope they don't raise the prices when they figure out they are not charging enough. Or if they do raise the price they need to wait until I have bought 4-5 more.

My system:
Audio System

- Spiral Groove SG 1.1 table with Centroid Arm and Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement cartridge with Audio Note SUT
- AMG V12 table with Benz LP-S cartridge
- Clearaudio Innovation Wood table and battery supply with Graham Phantom Supreme + MC Anna cartridge and Thomas Schick 12" + Miyajima Zero mono cartridge
- Modwright Sony 5400es tube CD player
- PS audio perfect wave dac mkii (2nd system)

- Air Tight ATE-2001 preamp
- Air Tight ATC-2 preamp  (2nd system)
- Audio Research Reference 2SE phono preamp
- Herron VTPH-2 phono preamp

- Constellation Centaur stereo amp
- Air Tight ATM-2 tube amp (2nd system)
- Conrad Johnson Premier 350 amp (backup)
- various headphone amps (ALO studio six, Pathos Aurium, Bryston BHA1, Beyerdynamic A1, Sugden Headmaster, Chord Hugo, etc)

- Magico S5
- KEF LS50 (2nd system)
- various headphones (Audeze X & XC, Beyerdynamic T1, Sennheiser HD650)

Darrin P.


Below the input protection and feeder board for the Sequoia AC Power conditioner.
Rated for the 20 Amp spec.

High current rails are visible on the top of the board

220 volt version shown, the 120 Volt is the same except the BIFROST device is designed for 120 volt.

High Current rails are visible on the back of this board.

back of board.

The board at left in the picture is the center Input board with its heavy bus rails built in.
We do not depend on circuit traces for the AC Power is on built in copper buss rails.

Below: The real thing. This is what we put into the Sequoia
completed sequoia.
Older picture above series one

We are ready to build yours now.

And this is what our Customers put into the Sequoia.
sequoia in use.
Initial impressions from another customer:

Hi Mike

Ok.. So being a true mad audio nut, was up at 0630 n started working on this mammoth task of dismantling the old conditioners and getting this Big Boy into the small space I sadly have.

Took nearly an hour and a half as had a lot rearranging to do. But finally at the cost of my back n neck had this baby connected.
Despite the system being down for those hours, the sound from the start was magnificent!

A wider soundstage. Much more defined bass and great detail ; In that order!   Yes all systems take time to resettle so I know it's only going to get better. So much to look forward to.

Once again Jen n Mike. Kudos on this magnificent product. It's definitely streets ahead. Well done guys and thank you again.

Btw now have several highly curious friends dying to come over for a listen!



We are ready to build more...

 Mike at JENA

JENA Technologies

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