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        The Sequoia Long Branch.

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 Proto Sequoia Long Branch.

    it will grow :-).

The AC power Conditioner is highly protected from a nasty world of lightning - over-volt power-surge
All Are designed to World Standards.

Note:  Except the Sequoia-Twig, which can be as a stand alone USA Standards just like the Platinum Was.
along with the Model One, any series... and the AC power Washing Machines where all single sided protection for the USA market.

Currently The Sequoia twig is special as it can be thought of as both a USA drop Box that is protected with a Magnetic-Hydraulic circuit breaker on the hot legs.
Plus as each Duplex has a filter in front of each. Combined with a lift-able Ground... it can be additive to any of our output AC Power Conditioners to be something unique and very Special - it effectively Replaces the Platinum entirely.
as below: older Platinum
old platium

plus it has greater filters built in :) And when tethered to any of our AC power Conditioners - expect all the surge and lightning protection the entire line of AC power conditioners were designed for.  Noisy turn tables - Noisy self powered Sub woofers... Be Thee Silent, be Good.

The Sequoia Twig will swat you to silence, from ground over-hum. 
    In production design now, as a new design - the "old one" was not exactly surpassed by the Sequoia Seedling itself - but with a superior circuit Breaker (non thermal) gave The Sequoia Seedling a feature edge in protection but the combination of the Sequoia Seedling and a Sequoia-Twig as tethered and even then only in special ways... the Old Design Sequoia Sapling can be exceeded... not exactly in performance... but with features in That combination... with a less expensive solution with more collective features... Combined with better Circuit Protection devices made our Decision Clear.

 The choice to retire the older design is clear - Note to current Owners - your current design is not obsolete ( but Rare ) it was a very close race. Very close with the current Seedlings in pure filtration - the Sequoia Seedlings are in effect a smaller Sequoia Sapling as it was. Combined with the Twig. Like a Pole Vaulter - Over the top.

  Now we are designing a new Sequoia Sapling with a new goal only in the new features to be offered to set the price commensurate with a price between the Sequoia and the combination of a seedling with a Twig... and the Sequoia itself remaining untouchable... it is unassailable as yet... 
However, We liked the Sequoia Sapling a lot - really, So we are going to update it to be that missing link again and fill a niche between Sequoia Seedling+Twig and Flagship-Sequoia... which was a big price leap - we wish to offer choices to our customers. So the work is in process now.


     neutrik PowerCon AC outputs - These versions are in production, almost* the new standard - However, the 2nd chioice as stock option is of course NEMA Duplex USA as Standard is as well fully stock and normal.
                                                                                                           NEMA Duplex - JENA - Cryo Hubble duplex  and end Filter type
jena will continue the additional option of Neutrikİ PowerCon version of the Sequoia Sapling in the new design as it is safe, intelligent, locking and High Current.
20 amps as well the NEMA's are, this is not going away as the use of these are a professional choice in the industry.

    *However as we are producing USA designed and built AC power conditioners not everybody is aware of professional grade products... So we produce with out question NEMA Duplex (USA Standard) products as well... not grade difference - just a choice the customer is offered. 

   Sequoia series:  Why the name?  The Giant Sequoia is a tree, the greatest tree in existence.
With no known competitors in its space, very tough, resilient to all environmental adverse conditions. Its environment is harsh, yet it persists and thrives.
Its Ever lasting, Ever Green in its lushness and purity of purpose.  Our Sequoia Series is an honoring of what is in nature, just the most magnificent tree in the world.

  The sapling of a sequoia is a direct lineage of its propagation.  
    These AC Power Conditioners contain the essence of our Sequoia, yet grows in its own soil.


future additional information on the history of Our AC power Conditioners is being Written now... 7-4-19
below in heavy editing mode - The history page is in development first for the Sequoia Sapling.

In selling the Sequoia-Sapling, to understand its history and the series of developments that make its reason to exist clear.
is presented here with its history, the first prototype I made from a contributed outer case...
It was made from one of 3 cases from a donor product... made by a company no longer in existence...
I made the above device to fill a need. - I was not going to sell it but the idea was great. and this really did perform.
 And "My" project was found out (outed) by a friend who was a dealer in the past :)
He told a couple of people .... They all wanted one sight unseen and offered real money - hint when a demand exists - fill it - because we can.

Below: It was made from a kit product that was, to be fair... The kit shown below from a now defunct company that was offering the most simple conditioner one could and expect people to built.... A dying friend had three - and gave them to us - that was very nice - I saw potential in the Box-cases.

            Look People - the need is self evident. When a company like the one above feels a need in the buying public, make a "build-able" kit,
even simple - it says something as to a market vacuum ( it... as a kit needs to be inexpensive - yet good enough. )

When I get on a high horse and say pathetic - it is coming from someone - not the general public - I built parts of spacecraft... understand. 

    The donors were kits and the older friend who made them was dying - he thought I could make them work - gifted them...
 I decided I could use the box and intended whatever I made, for my work station. Tony was a good friend and the gift was very nice.

 I just had to make them real - to just be the best power distribution "box" on the planet. (Because we can)
However as soon as word got out I made this:  well we have been in this business for twenty plus years... sight Unseen is academic.
from pedestrian home duplex power box kit, even as such, I got requests...
 ( I had 3 cases and we are in the business of producing products )

so I said to myself - OK I see a product... So I decided to do it right and build a real product with our AC Parts entirely - instead of "home" duplexes "filter-less".
as good as this may look - it was sort of cobbled together with our main driver filter and just pedestrian "other Parts" and our basic power cord as just to make do.

making it real we did tests...
and made it real.

I made 3.
final first ed.
All sold instantly - poof - gone.

I still want my box... we decided it was a product.
final power-con version
we designed A Stainless Case of great Quality instead of the light Aluminum ones...
it was heavy


 The Original Sequoia was a behemoth, we made as a commissioned project for an secret owner of a "Multi-Millions" $$$$ Yacht. We liked what we made... and decided to make it as a production/custom design with a more reasonable weight, less fragile and an evolved design (Bamboo, Stainless internal structure.. and non-axial lead components).

(NOTE: We do commissioned projects - just so those curious, know)

The Original Sequoia exposed:
original.Sequoia 1
.. this was a one off device it was fabulous at the time made.
Competitive Today? Oh yes, next to Our Current Sequoia - well they are different but we will not make one like this again - no reason - SN01 and for that, that's it.
it is very heavy as the maple was an inch thick solid... something well over single person lift-able for the case unless your name is Arnold :)
special bracing on the inside - difficult as we do not make shabby anything.  


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