Sequoia sapling    Updated: Aug. 10th - 2017 Jena Technologies
    This premium Elite Series AC power conditioner does more than provide superior AC power conditioning via power line noise reduction.
    It provides AC Power line protection from voltage surges and very fast acting lightning protection as well.

    NEW - neutrik PowerCon AC output version is in production now.
jena has just announced the additional option of Neutrik© PowerCon version of the Sequoia Sapling.

    Why the name?  The Giant Sequoia is a tree, the greatest tree in existence.
With no known competitors in its space, very tough, resilient to all environmental adverse conditions. Its environment is harsh, yet it persists and thrives.
Its Ever lasting, Ever Green in its lushness and purity of purpose.  Our Sequoia Series is an honoring of what is in nature, just the most magnificent tree in the world.

  The sapling of a sequoia is a direct lineage of its propagation.  
    These AC Power Conditioners contain the essence of our Sequoia, yet grows in its own soil.

Important Note:
      All new units will
have a new Chassis design, in the works now with an option to Rack mount as a design feature.
      All new units will
have Magnetic Hydraulic Dual Circuit Breaker and power Switch.
     Pictures of it will show soon to replace these below...

Sequoia Sapling.with power cord and back.powercon.

All pictures here show the Dual Thermal Breaker power Switch and the older Case Design.

JENA is never asleep.  We Invent, we innovate and produce the best of what can be made.
Black optional black nameplate
     The Latest Options Includes the Neutrik
powerCON 32 A chassis power input.
The Latest Version of the Sequoia Sapling is fully World Class with the most current standards.
Neutrik. PowerCon 32 Amp. The locking input and all PowerCON 20 amp locking outputs.
On that version of the Sequoia Sapling.
input.input plug These are a part of that concept of Locking plugs IN & OUT

This is the new way to go for those who want locking power connections.
Safe and secure.... We will be offering the Neutrik® PowerCon 32 Amp input on all our power Conditioners in future production except Model One.4

Pictures represent the older version no longer in production. internal features are mostly accurate.
PowerCON.version shown

    Below: the 1116 Royal Power cord as optional equipment
1116-standard. New units are made with the Neutrik Power Con 32 amp output for this cord.

powercon cords.
Above: PowerCon output power cord - Cardas/JENA high current standard IEC at the delivery end
PowerCon outputs by neutrik and the higher rated Cardas©-JENA IEC

    With our power conditioners:

main board. Same board as the Sequoia flag ship product...

    The Sequoia Sapling is the perfect product for those who recognizance the importance and necessity of Clean AC power.

     Above: This is a world standard compliant AC power Product.  - 
Below: the Duplex filter is shown.                                                                                                              
duplex board and Hubbell -JENA Duplex.
options. same filters - different versions.

Fully regulated led power light in the front.
Rating of its power handling is determined by the 20 Amp Circuit Breaker, not the limitation of the circuit components which are rated to over 20 Amps.

The BIFROST Device Can be ordered for setting up to use on 120 VAC or 240 VAC.
Picture hot linked to page about this device
    JENA Exclusive BIFROST MOSORB technology as part of the fast clamp to protect from over volt power surge.
    Field replaceable octal design.

Bidirectional Integrated Field Replaceable Over-volt System Technology. 
     Features Vishay MOSORB components.

The entire circuit in the equipment also is designed to include gas tube arrestors with varistor technology for lightning protection.

Imagine Below:

A home.

Below: A sapling about to ship:

ready to ship.
Above: older 20 amp Hubbell version shown, with the option 1116 royal cord with Cardas NEMA plug and Hubbell 20 amp IEC.

neutrik PowerCon 32 Amp used as standard input (Hubbell Inputs are available by special request with standard Hubbell/JENA Duplexes for a short while.

Newer versions are all PowerCon 32 amp input. 

This is a very tough unit made to last.

Now make the finalized versions yours.
The logical combination for each type of Sequoia Sapling.

    Now In production, both versions.

e-mail for more detailed info.

        mail@jenatek.com - Mike

        e-mail@jenalabs.com - Jennifer

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