The Sequoia Seedling
    new sapling New Version Arrived ... The new Sequoia Sapling
                                                        Announcement !

                                                            Updated: Nov 29 th - 2020
Jena Technologies
     Originally - This premium Elite Series AC power conditioner does more than provide superior AC power conditioning via power line noise reduction.
    It provides AC Power line protection from voltage surges and very fast acting lightning protection as well.

    new plans for sapling.
It has multiple outlets and can provide serious load capabilities from a number of audio, video, pre-amps and reasonable* Amplifiers or computer audio servers.
New Sequoia Sapling. Everything from the past and more.

    And since it is in a stage of development between the seedling...
    Pictured right: >> Sequoia Seedling
                             ... and the Top of the line Sequoia (below) it is a Bridge between two worlds...

One version is essentially a half Sequoia in size and general Appearance.
and the other the original Sequoia Sapling as shown in style similar to the picture above.

Picture below - just a picture reminder of a sequoia.
    Sequioia AC power

  Pictures Soon.

General characteristics:
The AC power Conditioner is highly protected from a nasty world of lightning - over-volt power-surge
All Are designed to World Standards.

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