The Sequoia Seedling
    new sapling New Version Arrived ... The new Sequoia Sapling
                                                        Announcement !

                                                            Updated: Oct. 19 th - 2022 
Jena Technologies
     Originally - This premium Elite Series AC power conditioner does more than provide superior AC power conditioning via power line noise reduction.
    It provides AC Power line protection from voltage surges and very fast acting lightning protection as well.

             This page was down for a while as we tested some new possibilities which are coming to our products as options.
             We are going live today as it has been down long enough...
        The page is in dynamic change even before we have new pictures of the wiring changes,
        ... >>> !! The new way !! <<<
         ...Superior in many ways, more info soon....
                ...this is an award winning product from JENA Labs.  Its not going to vanish - it is going to offer more..

    new plans for sapling.
Evolution Is Real with us   Now with 4 duplexes and Smarter structure to reduce the overall size and smarter layout
It has 4 NEMA DUPLEX outlets and can provide serious load capabilities from a number of audio, video, pre-amps and reasonable* Amplifiers or computer audio servers.
For 2021 - the new version is complete...
 It will have stainless top plate - engraved of course,
 Below Final build prototype:
Sequoia Sapling 2. The final version as prototype - in production now.
final pictures soon - we are in production of these now

    Everything from the past and more.
Inside of it is a layered design with our new TeflonŽ covered pure copper
silver plated stranded wire.
inside a.
The famous Sequoia Board on top of the duplex filters seperated by posts.
Dual Magnetic- Hydrolic circut breaker switch [both sides of the line - international design.
 (very long life and superb performce with over 90 years development. Originally used in the White House to prevent fires - now mostly High reliability low spark Marine Use - with silver contact "points"that slide to break contact and flash suppression. (JENA USE on all our best Power Conditioners).

Power-con Neutrik 32 Amp input only - safety first - outstanding Pro Design
Sequoia Sapling 2.
The box is designed for it coated in a durable "paint"

    The top plate on this still needs engraving as shown below:
top of Sequoia Sapling 2.
Available now !!!

General characteristics:
The AC power Conditioner is highly protected from a nasty world of lightning - over-volt power-surge
All Are designed to World Standards.

Price is $8,000.00

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