Designed to be used with either the Sequoia Seedling Or The Power-Con Version of the Sequoia Sapling.
or as the production model a stand alone product.
 Neutrik This unit has an authentic Neutrik Power-Con 20 Amp connector to feed it, via either a Seoprene® 12 gauge Or The 1116 Royal Fabrication used to make all our high current capable hand weaved Power Cords

   This unit Really Performs Very Well - the modular aspect - the physical extension - real Wow factor, yes!

               twig Modular unit prototype Updated:  Dec. 30 th 2018  Jena Technologies
        NEW - This page on the prototype Sequoia Twig, is to announce this product,
            early production stage is in progress for the final design.
         A new Product from JENA... even the prototype is the best
a brutus award The award is both for the Sequoia Sapling and the Sequoia Twig
It was The prototype like below...

    New - Customer Comments
- on the two prototypes:

I have to get up real early tomorrow and I am going to bed, BUT I need to let you know that the Sequoia Twig made a HUGE difference.
Incredible. I will be in touch soon with more details but for now just WOW. Thanks very much

We also had the other owner of one of the prototypes make the comment...

Paraphrased - "Wow, that was not subtle, Do you hear that - (I, said yes) - you really knocked it out of the park again..."

He was using the ground lift and it really did make a huge difference... I was there and although - we made it - - it really does work as designed.

 At Davids Home

What this product does is offer the owner of it, a choice and option to lift the ground safely with a special circut do do just that on the orange isolated ground duplex...
... yet maintain the grounding system and the full filter network as well on the actual duplex - and is a selectable choice... to be, or not, to be - grounded.

The ground lift switch was designed by us to eliminate ground hum often produced in certain types of gear - like a turntable motor or other gounding issues with specific problems where an unsafe "Cheater" plug adapter is sometimes used... this is much safer and works extremely well by design.
It is still actually system filtered even when the ground is lifted in the duplex. it will get "darker in the system" - more quite - than what a Cheater Plug can do...

However the thing to actually consider that this product in combination with its being an extension of the primarry hub of the sytem power conditioning via a Sequoia Seedling or Power-Con version of the Sequoia Sapling... is actually its real purpose... and will really work to enhance the sound of the system itself, rather profoundly.
More available outs and better performance throughout the system - it will handel the power draw as these filter networks are not taxed to the limits of the boards - deigned to be used in the massive Sequoia and even there can handle the current with ease.

  neutrik Power-Con 20 input is used for the locking of this unit to a Sequoia Sapling or Sequoia Seedling
 in order to enhance and extend the functional use of each in a true modular system.

    This is one of the prototypes of the Sequoia Twig. And we have one available for sale of the three made.
The Twig will only fit to the seedling or the Sapling - ( fitted with Power Con 20 outputs )

The reason the twig exists is to act as a physical spreader and the additional level of conditioning outward from the seedling is actually greater than the Sequoia Sapling by itself. and has a special feature of a ground lift capability for specific needs.
This as a hub of sorts and allows for shorter power cords away from the source of power.

The reason it is not a stand alone product, As many might ask... (it certainly could be... {if it had a fuse or circuit breaker in it} but with that proviso we thought of and decided to make it dedicated as a modular system) by itself the Twig has no built in over-volt or surge protection. This is a powerful filter module only.
  It is a law, If we sold it as a stand alone NEMA plug it would have our circuit protection. When Neutrik Power-Con lock Fitted to a Sequoia Seedling or Sapling the protection is built into those and is outstanding in performance enhancements offered.
The 3 outputs on the seedling then becomes 6 IEC connections and if two twigs are used the number becomes 10 over a physical distance.

This is very well thought out as a system & gives the customer an advantage in the sound of your equipment compared to any other conditioning equipment made... except the flagship Sequoia itself... which really has no peer or competition.

inside. Inside prototype picture.

The Ground lift switch only is applicable to the Orange Duplex, the black is as well fully filtered but is a pure grounding system as designed - the Orange has a choice with the switch... in towards the center the ground is active on the Orange and away from the center it is groundless on the output power-cord to the chosen equipment.

Why is it here? Turntables, sometimes produce a hum that can be heard through the speakers, this should cure most of specific problems people have, if any.  Yet the outlet itself is always grounded.

This is a temprorary page until the production models are ready for sale.
All prototypes have been sold or are unavailable.


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