Our digital cables are in redesign for performance
  NJord > > Made of JENA Ultra Wire
  25 each of 22 Gauge wires... each wire is 50 strands of pure copper... all in phase length required to be symmetrical.  This example is an XLR type Digital Cable 
       Digital Interconnects Sept. 13 th,  2022  Jena labsJena Technologies
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Jena pictured with boulder amplifier.
Jena Labsproduces a very wide spectrum of interconnects and speaker cables for home stereo and professional applications. We are proud of the reputation they have achieved, and customer loyalty has been remarkable. We firmly believe that anyone who produces the best of something is eventually going to develop the reputation he or she deserves. That kind of reputation cannot be bought. That is how we have survived and thrived for so long. 

We developed a concept that continues to this day,  our interconnects are built to an supreme standard of excellence in performance. The application of Science and Art is not mutually exclusive but one must not be subservient to the other as regards to the main goal of Supreme performance. In the end, it is the performance mark that defines what they are made of, how they are made and what these products look like. We will continue to make cables of that caliber, in every category and type we produce. Notes:
JENA is taking a big leap of faith in our customers, with a benefit of lower prices on many products.
          We are eliminating many Dealers except OEMs or The Few Dealers we have now - special manufacturing partner dealers where we have special relationships
            This will bring new products to the customers.
               We are beginning to utilize PayPal payments on the pages directly.

    The general effect is a slightly warmer sound with the Gold Plating... The Rhodium is known for its more neutral sound profile.

*Cardas has stopped making Gold Plated Parts.

.Unique To JENA..

Call us directly with any questions or new special orders.  Our phone:  503-639-7551  e-mail: e-mail@jenalabs.com or mail@jenatek.com
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SP/DIF (RCA)           AES-EBU(XLR) Open braided series
TrioPlus Digi-Link
Picture soon         

Fugue Digi-Link
fugue digital temp
SKADI  7x22g Digi-Link
skadi digilink
 Freya Digi-Link
Haldi Digi-Link

Haldi digi link
MATKI  19x22 Digi-link
Njord 25x22 Digi-link


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