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                                               RCA & XLR with 18Gauge JENA Ultra Wire

say tech and key     Updated - March. 19 th, 2020
   Some years ago we had some interconnect kits that were made available and they were popular at that time.
Now, we have noticed that in recent times that the popularity of our wire has gone global and we sell a lot of it to many people who would like to mod their equipment or speakers. and some made their own interconnects.
     We suspect that many more would have an interest if the parts were easy to get and some kind of guide was made available.
    That is what we are going to provide here.

The Parts, Our UltraWire in 18 gauge with enough Cardas® quad eutectic solder with a guide/instructions to make Trio Interconnects, in a kit.
ultra wire 18 JENA 18 gauge Ultra wire
.  (a non litz wire)
WE HAVE BROUGHT THE FINEST MATERIALS IN THE WORLD TOGETHER FOR THIS PRODUCT.  We start with exceptionally pure continuously cast copper.
    Note:  All copper wire is continuously cast, that is how copper wire, even the wire in your walls, is made... using a continuous cast technique.  Don't be fooled by hype.

    Each ULTRA-WIRE strand is ultra high purity, linear crystal, stress-free, super annealed, micro-polished, ultra fine stranded copper.
It is jacketed in a modified PE dielectric which offers dissipation and dielectric constant figures similar to Teflon™, but without TFE or PTFE  mechanical stiffness and resonance problems and without the toxic component fluorine as a component of the dielectric.    Our wire is very stable in all aspects a wire can be in normal use.
    A special extrusion process allows the insulation to exert a high inward radial force on the wire strands, thus reducing audio smearing micro-vibration.
Our ULTRA-WIRE is fully Immersion LN2 Cryogenic "treated"  by our own proprietary process in our own 'in house' Cryo lab.

    We have practical and affordable kits comprised of quality Cardas parts and of course our Ultra Wire. Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder and suitable heat shrink materials will be included in the kits.  These will be basic and straight forward designs... but the performance obtainable will make these very good price to performance winners.  Full instructions will be included to make assembly as goof proof as possible.

Some soldering is required. And the willingness to roll you own and learn, so to speak, is provided by your efforts. A certain amount of pride in your own capabilities comes from this as well as saving some money

 The Price of the kits In each category will be set up by the length of the kits.
  These are
Trio plus Kits   

      JENAkit price:

3' $250
5' $310
7' $370
10' $460
RCA or XLR - same price for kind

be sure to select RCA or XLR price guide on list provided

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