After redesign the RX series of interconnects will return - This page is for the Power cords
              RX series  Updated Mar. 6 th 2021  Jena Technologies
                    The RX Series - your prescription for good sound - High quality - well made.

JENA is introducing a new line of power cords in silver-plated copper core 16 gauge stranded wire.

The power cords are covered in a outer wire covering of TFE (Teflon®) that is different than the ptfe we use in our other interconnect and speaker cables.

These are also different than the pure copper stranded wire in 16 Gauge we use in our Royal line.

The unique aspect of this offering is it is long term as it is now a part of our full line.

red RX power.
Made by JENA in the USA. Sold exclusively by JENA.
Direct sales only!

Power cords:
5 wire braided only.
Crimson Red or
Snow White
$350.00 standard length of 6 ft.
Hubbell NEMA and International IEC

450.00, same lenght as above but with Cardas NEMA and Cardas IEC
Longer at $30.00 per added foot

red RX power

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