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Sequoia-Seedling Modular AC power Conditioner system and the Sequoia Twig prototype

A new product. with a lot of features and capabilities has arrived.
JENAElite AC Power Conditioners is producing the first Modular Design.
brutus award It has won an award - the prestigious Brutus award
front and back seedling. .
The insides of the Seedling itself is like the Flagship Sequoia...
... The 3 Outputs seen above are very similar to the Sapling with 20 Amp Power-con's
With the optional Royal Power cords the configuration looks like this shown above.
Neutrik PowerCon 20 20 Amp Outputs and 32 Amp input - a locking design safe and secure.
The cordage itself is the JENA Royal 1116/Cardas NEMA platinum with the Neutrik 32 Amp PowerCon out.
The outputs a
re JENA Royal 916/ Cardas IEC Platinum with Neutrik 20 Amp PowerCon.
power cords
Above the two premium Power cords shown withe the back outputs of the seedling.

top off.

The entire circuit in the equipment also is designed to include gas tube arrestors with varistor technology for lightning protection.
main board
The Sequoia Main board is the foundation of this design.

vishayCapacitors BIFROST & the BIFROST (MOSORBS in a JENA proprietary module), along with over volt such as Lightning,
is protected from by Gas-tube and Varistors reactive clamps that remain out of circuit until a serious voltage is reacted with...
... very fast clamps straight to ground or in a worst case senario the parts are sacrificed to protect your gear... hence replaceable... the BIFROST is a replaceable module...
... all of it provide a type of protection We are well known for.... Great protection.

before all of that is the Circuit Breaker... We pay attention with great care, to provide the absolute for the world standard we represent.
A dual magnetic-hydraulic time delay circuit protection device to bypass any shortcomings of a fuse.

We use the best available but here is a picture of one mostly like the type we use... this is a single line type but is representative of the idea
magnetic-hydraulic single
A fuse is required by law on the hot leg unless it is surpassed with a circuit Breaker...
We ourselves long ago hot a hot leg fuse - a good one, like above. A 20 amp ceramic. cost with the silver clamps was $20.00
thin little wire basically - sounds like what a thin wire does... bla

Instead, we use a massive and intelligent device that is not inexpensive but is the real meal deal.
that picture is 1:1 relative to the size of the fuse large and heavy contact surfaces and mass to conduct up to 20 amps.
A time delay for big honking amps at turn on, like say an Atma-Sphere or Boulder for example... great amps by the way.

That's the way to do it... the two poles found on our dual breakers are the real thing...
The above picture are 2 Seedlings facing 180 degrees relative, to see front and back.


Three outputs all filtered and isolated provide a great deal of flexabilty like the Sapling but smaller and more affordable.
electrically it is almost Identical.

With a tethered JENA Filtered Hubble Duplex "Sequoia Twig" (DropBox) below and locking Neutrik Power-con 20 amp input as an add on feature...
This design becomes truly modular which is the actual goal...
Sequoia Twig.
(( The Sequoia Twig above is in the last Prototype Stage. We made several and offer 1 more on the open market at 1,500.00
It is desiged to use the input specifically for the Seedling as the modular tethered design. it has two NEMA US standard duplexes with filters.
It provides a lot of flexibility and power handling in spades.
This is the prototype and We have one left to offer at 1,500.00 ))

The Sequoia Seedling price is $6,500.00 for the stock unit and comes with 3 output power cords...

If the prototype Twig like the one pictured above is desired as that really is designed for use with this modular system we can negotiate an group price,
that saves a lot of money from the final price of the finished design of the Twig. This is a One time offer for the prototype along with the Sequoia Seedling.


or mail@jenatek.com

More information to follow, very soon.

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