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Elite model Sequoia-Seedling

Something extraordinary is in the first prototyping build...
Of the 3 being made only One is left for this limited run of a new product from JENA
Two have been sold... at Prototype Pricing - hint - One left
These pictures are the actual product:
below: Main Front
.sequoia seedling.
Inside the Seedling - the real meal deal - Dual Magnetic-Hydraulic Breaker 20 Amp
BIFROST Modual and other circut protections as is standard for JENA.
PowerCon 32 input and 3 PowerCon 20 amp outputs
International world standard compliant.
Modular power-cords , Compact, Powerful.... Just simply the best in the world.

Awesome pricing for the proto builds ONE Only Left - period


or mail@jenatek.com

More information to follow, very soon.

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