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           News !!! Announcing the Model 2 power conditioner.
           The next generation of conditioning.

        A customer testimonial:
        Hi to both of you!
        So, I just got the Model 2 and plugged it in to the Oppo BDP - 105D Blue-ray  player, just to see what it would do: WOW!
        Everything, including the picture and of course the sound, just looks and sounds more 'right'...
        Color rendition, blacks, detail, sharpness, basically everything that makes a good picture on a plasma has improved!
        And of course, the sound is greatly improved as well! Every aspect of the sound--just like the picture--has been improved.
        And this thing is still cold from being outside in the USPS truck.
        This reminds me of when I received your interconnects and speaker cables: everything about the sound just 'feels' more right.  
        I'll be letting you both know how it does as time goes by and I watch and listen to program material. - Chris S.
   Its a new standard, a new product - A new level of performance. !!!  taking orders now !
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