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Original award winning product - done better than before.

rebuilt model one
Example as all are slightly different as often the cordage will be different, Dimensions measured from the inside of the plugs, this one is 6.ft 6 in.
NEMA plug (the wall plug) Yellow - Hubbell-JENA
IEC (equipment plug ) Compact IEC
916 Royal style hand braided cordage.
Condition excellent. {Past - (if known) well cared for Model One.2 }
It was a trade-in on New Model 3.

Yes, you can trade up to a new series conditioner we make - of course.

trade-ins Updated: Mar. 25 th - 2021 Jena Technologies
New main board full Model One .4.x - Re-Manufactured from trade in's of any Model One!
>> People trade in older but perfectly good (enough) Model One's for newer models of our power conditioners !!
It happens that these by design of the new models can and are rebuilt.
>We have retired all of the previous versions of this older design now... in favor of the current version being produced.
The New Model One .4 with a totally new main board is the basis of what this product is....
...which incorporates all of the features of all of the previous versions in the best architecture yet.
An all new design, new and better capacitors, just like all of the rest of our conditioner series have currently.

NOTE: On this page is the specific information you need to understand about what these re-manufactured units are.
Contact <mail@jenatek.com> Questions and Inquiries welcome.

Significant to understand - the new design is better with larger values in capacitors and will sound much better with new design MOSORBS rather than varistors which had a touch bit more hissy aspect which just was what was available when these were originally made long ago.

So the question we get asked once in a while is... How many Model Ones exist in the wild... since none have ever been actually retired forever?
Answer - perhaps 500 ~ 800 in the wild... of the first series with a fuse on the hot leg we only know of 3 that were returned for refit with a blown 20 Amp fuse and 2 of those had additionally locked MOSORB's due to lightning strikes saving a recording studio in Colorado.

Fact is, we do know, they have been sold once in a while on the used market as is... and then we have upgraded many of those from one model to an new version... and in that was one of the reasons we have come up with this idea.

AJENA Power conditioner can last for the life of the parts it is made out of, we suspect that is about 75~100 years or more...
However, none have ever failed from component failure other than safety component designed for the purpose of sacrificial blowing - Like a fuse, M.O.V. or MOSORB hit multiple times.
And we really do not know how long they can last as so far none have died from being used and just wearing out components.
We did see and upgraded 2 of the first ten ever made in years past, they were in use in Puerto Rico and the original owner had passed away - the Inheritors wanted an upgrade. The same for several Platinum's (another series of conditioners we have made as well)...

Finding a Model One for sale is rare... They are out there but some luck is nice to find them for sale.
We just converted 4 units made some years ago (03/10/21) from even a couple of the first ones made in the year 2000-ish.

So you find yourself here... At last, Give us an e-mail and we can discuss what we have available OR...
We have had some rebuilds for sale but they do not last long for sale... nothing we make stays on a shelf for long.

would you like to trade up? We certainly do place a value to you older unit. the better the condition will always have a good value.

<mail@jenatek.com> Mike at JENA

New case laser from old box We sometimes, or not, change the case if beat-up and unwanted as is. but we do create a laser type of markings to replace the old designations, standard processing
They are marked with a (u) after the number. For upgraded.
We warranty the work, to work... We try to save money and pass that to the customer so not a fixed price. as no two are really alike. However all are possible to upgrade.

Price range can be as low as $400.00 if the customer owns the unit and it is flawless.
up to >$1600.00 for a total rebuild including the cables... units needing more replacement or length changes will affect the price... "We have seen it all"
...It could be recommended to just buy a new unit but we can do a lot to fix up an older unit.

A new Model One.4 costs about $1300.00 as a reference.

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