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The NEW, most up to date version of the Model One series. The Point 4 - Essentially 4th generation.
    Precise description Model One.4.2.1
            Featuring now and all future versions with Laser Engraved top plate. 
Model One.4. Upgraded series features new cordage options... 916 Royal or 1116 Royal at slight up cost.
     Other internal changes for voltage and H.N.G. configuration is available when needed.


    This is designed for the AC power grid such as the entire North American continent... Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico including portions of "northern" South America such as Costa Rica or any other 120 or 230 volt AC system set up with hot - neutral - ground standard AC power. It works in 50Hz areas and can be ordered to function in 230 volt environments however that is permanent. You could need an adapter to fit the input plug sockets. The output is always IEC. We use a High current types of the standard IEC designs. (standard accepted input power connector on 99% of electronic products around the world.)  Both NEMA and IEC are Modified Cardas plugs now

JENA Created this design many years ago and we have sold hundreds of these as a type across 4 generations of product development and this is in many ways the final statement of the single sided circuit protection.

     With all new design to the board with higher capacitor values as this design is no longer dependent on axial lead capacitor components.  

    older design internal unwired 

Above Left - The older design had very high performance axial lead caps... yes, .... However, the new electronics available now, specifically designed for AC circuits, made possible with the new types of components available, demanded a new everything for use in the design.       Pictured: un-wired Model One.4 Right.

One set of specs improved was overall capacitors as rating went from apx. 1.3 µF To apx. 3.1 µF ... more than doubled.

And so, being the leader in this - we just stepped up to the task at hand - We lead and do not follow.

First customer comments from someone who had a conversion from a Model One.2 to the new Model One.4
  ** see our new page on re-manufactured Model Ones (coming soon, page is early and in design now. Link active.)

First customer comments:
    I Received the Conditioner today all in one piece. { :)  of course - ed* see note. } Packaged Great! Put it in the system on the amps and fired it up. Wow!!! First impression right out the gate, Deeper and Blacker back round than the One.2.    
   Sound-stage widened and vocals are much more clearer. As if a veil was removed from the speakers, and believe me my system is revealing. In my opinion highly efficient single point source drivers and single ended triode's are a beautiful combo. Bass is nice and tight and all the instruments seem to be more evident, smaller details are easily heard. You?ve done it again my friend! - T.C.

((*ed - The design was new and the demand for it was high so we offered the customer one of the first boards - we knew it was good.))

    NEW PRICE due to elimination of dealers... The continuation of the AC power conditioner in a power cord is realized with the new Model One.4
The price of this conditioner with 916 Royal Hand woven cord is $1,300.00 for the top line version, single compact IEC output, Cardas® JENA Modified NEMA 120 V.AC input.

Optional 1116 Royal hand Woven cord extra $100.00

purchasers can buy it now - its ready now.
  buy it now link below:
916 or 1116 Royal Power Cord version


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