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        #1duplex in colors

JENA selected the one type of AC duplex part that consistently performs great...
...and is something we will continue sell as a DIY part as time goes on. 
  Many hundreds sold worldwide. And we use this part in 90% of our AC power conditioners... (we also use Neutrik© Power-con and Cardas© Schuko 7/7 parts in our conditioners.)
However the #1 selling and NEMA standard duplex we have always used and sold is the Hubbell- JENA Cryo immersed and sonic-reduction treated Duplex.
The JENA improved - Hubbell Duplex has been updated by us, and comes with 60Hz Anti-Vibration treatment as our stock part.
As pictured below of the VB2 is visible on the back side of the duplex.

We now sell these and use color coding for both looks and identification... and so can you.
We employ as always, Liquid Nitrogen At -320.40 F.  below 00 F.  For our full immersion technology.
  Immersion means immersion with us

Q.  How do we know we actually reach the rated cold temperature?
A.  That's easy, held at a time duration of at least two days immersed in the liquid that boils off at ? 320.40 below zero...
... that is the warmest it can get and still qualify as immersion.

 We do not do LN2 gas circulation, which is not immersion, nor do we consider that to be proper cryogenics.

Hubbell-JENA Duplex.colors
In Colors, now available;
Currently Black, Brown, gray, ivory, red.
others may be possible in the future

Hubbell® JENA #1 AC Duplex Price is $60.00 each Plus $7.00 Notice... Shipping price does not go up if more than 1 is purchased
Quantity selectable at PayPal location.
   buy it now enabled:


selectable number of Duplexes $60 plus shipping

Special note: This by far is the most popular of all of our DIY electrical components.
Ultra high conductivity copper alloy.
Liquid Nitrogen Deep Immersion Cryogenic treated.
Special 20 Amp ultra high conductivity copper alloy, not stocked at Hubble distributors. Black Only.

( Here is an independent "mini review" from just one of our customers... this is not an unusual response. )
from an e-mail:
Hey, Jen:

I just finished comparing your outlets to the much-hyped Oyaide R-1.
It?s the first time I?ve really been able to compare them at length?and, through headphones,
I was really able to hear the differences.

Long story short, the Oyaide is initially more impressive, possessing a seeming sparkle in the treble that yours doesn?t.
It also seems faster at first blush. But after a few swaps, it became clear that the Oyaide was pushing the treble forward,
thus the perception of increased detail and sparkle. Everything I heard through the Oyaide I easily heard through yours,
but the tonal balance of yours was less forward in the mids and treble.

Neither outlet was irritating or harsh, but yours just seemed more natural, with the different parts of the frequency spectrum
 more in harmony with one another.

In a word, more coherent.

These weren?t big differences, but they were audible.
The comparison was very instructive. Anyway, thought you?d like to know. Have a great day!


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