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What is the BIFROST - its a module created to act as a very fast AC block to high voltage surges.
This page describes what it is and how it is used.
The name is an acronym = BI-directional Integrated Field Replaceable Overvolt System Technology.
JENA invented it, as usual, and we make them for our products.
The B.I.F.R.O.S.T.
the components JENA Technologies
Exclusive BIFROST MOSORB technology as part of the fast clamp to protect from over volt power surge.
Field replaceable octal design.

Bidirectional Integrated Field Replaceable Over-volt System Technology.
Features Vishay MOSORB components.
The mechanism is made of an octal base (still made) of the best materials available. We do not use Teflon in this product because the tolerances are to inexact for reliability of insertion of the module... which is keyed.
So we use bakelite bases and bakelite octal components used to this day to make a vacuum tube... its use would seem to be a bit achane but in fact as these are still made we can get new components and use the very latest technology in electronics today to built our specialty product.

Why? one word - Reliability.

The use of an octal socket is ancient technology and to this day certain electronics including modern examples of Vacuum tubes use them. Power Relays use them and so do we.

Another word we like - Easy.
The device is designed to lock up within less than a micro-second - to prevent downstream damage to expensive components from over voltage conditions.
In our power conditioners there is additionally lightning protection. In a separate circuit.

We invented this to make a field replacable sacrafical design feasible.
130 - 230 volt

Some of our older products can be retro fitted to use the BIFROST.
All of the Platinum's can be retrofitted and modified as can the AC Washing machine 6.1 and 3.1
Cost to do this is reasonable... but of course, we do recommend the newer power conditioners. Not just to sell them but they are superior in fact.
The older conditioners are very good, the newer conditioners are great.

A part of what makes then so is the inclusion of this technology.

Exclusive to the JENA Lineup of outstanding power conditioners...
120 volt and 220 volt versions.

One small point.
Our world class of newr conditioners are convertable to eithor 120 or 220 volts use, just by switching this one component... Easy.

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