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      UltraBit Diamond-Plus kit..
    From Jennifer who made comment about this product here:
            We are all speechless...ruined my evening plans because I had to start taking out CD and SACDs ...to hear them like never before!!!!!!!!!
  My helper Bob BEGS me to order him a kit... My husband was blown over...he says he can REALLY get behind it!
    George, This is the best product you have ever done!!

     This is Mike at JENA (the husband), I am hard to impress with a product of this type since it is a product that needs to be applied to a CD, SACD or a Blu-ray or DVD.
And the UltraBit Platinum was good. Even so I was not truly ready to jump on board the train so to speak.  Mostly because it falls into the category of tweak.
We had a product long ago which was also very good... (A major tweak stuff)  but is no longer something we can manufacture and produce because it had a fatal flaw, Our Esoteric 3D-X would self-cure in the bottle in time (about a year). It would get hard and unusable as a polymer...  So I was being both stubborn and proud of our own product which was killer good, when viable.

    Then, as always, we do listen to products we get from Audio George (George S. Louis) and we do pay attention to what we hear....
Absolutely, He has hit it out of the park this time.  This IS a great product. 
    So here it is, We sell it because it really works, I can REALLY get behind this one this time.  Every time I use it on any Optical Disc of any kind so far it makes an improvement that just stands out as better, richer, more detailed... Even at my age, because I took care of my hearing.. and have actually had a test within the last few years** (just because) I still can resolve 18 Khz and both ears are the same believe it or not...  I am telling you this is an improvement. It works very well.  
    (**The hearing specalist who tested my ears was very much a music enthusiast, he was impressed that I could truly hear and that I did take a real test of acuity and balance...)  No Fear, I knew it would be good. No Ringing no Tinnitus, dead silence when there is nothing to hear... and then someone drops a pin in the next room... I can hear that very well, thank you.

        This product: UltraBit Diamond-Plus works and is easy to use, unlike our product which was a bit tricky and fiddly to use well.  UltraBit Diamond-Plus is Easy and makes your Optical discs sound and look wonderful if they are DVD's or Blu-ray.


Here are some comments by Andrew Claps:

If people listen with open ears, they will be blown into next month by Ultrabit Diamond Plus. This stuff is, by no small measure, the best optical-disc treatment I've ever, EVER tried. The way it uncovers layers and layers of long-buried information, but with zero highlighting, really needs to be experienced "first-ear. The written word can only do so much. There are certainly CD treatments that do this or that very well, but precious few in my experience yield across-the-board improvements. The only one I can think of, prior to the Diamond, was George Louis own Ultrabit Platinum Plus, which has reigned supreme in my listening room for years.

But time marches on, and George's mind has obviously not laid still. The Diamond sees the UBP-P and raises it several notches. It excavates much more musical information and untangles complex productions and arrangements in a way that even the UDP-P simply can't. It also improves 3-CD recovery so dramatically that, in a darkened room, it can scare you if conditions are right (or even if they aren't, for that matter.

It's truly a mind-altering experience to hear recordings you've heard a thousand times revealed in such startlingly new ways. Yes, that's a hopelessly worn cliché, but I believe that there's a little truth in every cliché, and the Diamond is that truth in this particular one. In the sports world, the best athletes often say that, for them, the game slows down to a much greater degree than it does for other players. And, seemingly, so it is with the Diamond. Musical lines are laid clear with exacting precision, and it?s almost like listening to CDs in slow-motion (in the best sense of that phrase).  Everything is so remarkably clear, so precise, so open and untangled and intelligible, but sans ANY edge or accentuation whatsoever. It's easily the most "even" -sounding optical treatment I've ever experienced.

High-end audio is rife with hyperbole and puffery, but Ultrabit Diamond Plus is one of the few audio-related anythings I've owned or heard that absolutely defies the hype. It deserves every single plaudit that comes it way. To listen to a CD or SACD without it is like experiencing music in blurry, divided fractions rather than as a whole, clear, breathing entity. It's simply the best of the best, in my opinion.  In my experience, SHMs can benefit just as much as non-SHMs. Despite the seemingly advanced coating, they are clearly not optically perfect, as evidenced by UBD-P's effectiveness--at least in my case.

Andy (Andrew) Claps


And from the developer, George himself. I though I would add his comments fairly Verbatim:

For the next 10 years, 10 seconds and 10 cents is all you need!

First, why would any music-loving audiophile want to buy and use UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ (UBD-P) with CD's, SACD's or for that matter any kind of laser-read media?  First of all you need to get better Music in to get better music out, to rehear what's really possible.

Just ask almost anyone (except of course a user of UBD-P) and they'll tell you that if you get the all the digital 1's and 0's right, and reduce digital jitter to inaudibility if that's all there is to emotionally involving digital playback and you'll get a resounding yes, "...what else is there..."?  Well after you take 10 seconds and 10 cents of UBD-P and apply it once every 10 years to any laser-read media you'll hear for yourself just how much emotional involvement with the music they're missing and just how much they have to learn.

UBD-P is an Optical Impedance Matching Treatment™ (OIMT) for all laser-read media that enables any disc's digital data to be read better.  What most people don't know is that when the digital bits encoded on laser-read media are first read they are converted to an optical eye pattern that's actually an analog signal before it's reinterpreted into digital for further digital signal processing (DSP) and conversion back to the analog signal by digital to analog converters (DACs).  And that changes everything from the pure digital process to a hybrid digital encoded to analog to digital and back to analog playback which that it works at all let alone as well as it does is quite an electronic engineering triumph. 

The analog part of the disc reading is where Digital Systems & Solutions thinks most of the problems of digital playback are.  If you care to read more about the process, there's a white paper on our website at: http://audiogeorge.com/how-optical-impedance-matching-works-a-technical-white-paper/ that describes the process of reading bits in excruciating detail. 

The effects of applying UBD-P and buffing discs with different sides of the included buffing cloths proves that we didn't know what we didn't know about how to read digital media and we still don't know have all the answers because the bits are all the same.  But isn't hearing it for yourself the only proof you should need, because ultimately nothing else really matter does it?

And lastly, even if you only have a relatively modest investment of money and time in your system, but you still like to optimize its performance, then using UBD-P may enhance its quality to where it exceeds the fidelity of much costlier systems that don’t enjoy its benefits.  As every music-loving audiophile knows that the paradigm of “diminishing returns” rules the world of high-end audio and video so that makes UBD-P one of the most cost effective upgrades you can buy.  Therefore, every serious music-loving audio and videophile who would like to maximize the fidelity and musicality of his or hers audio and video systems should use UBD-P.

Best regards,



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