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News and Frequently asked Question - updated Dec 31. ,  2018 

    New designs are always coming into existence.... 
            ... We just introduced the latest design of the Sequoia Sapling World Standard AC Power Conditioner.
     neutrik  locking Power-Con input and outputs version as an option, now available.

 And has won this year, a Brutus award - award

 We received last year the Prestigious Brutus award for the Model 3 AC Power Conditioner.

 From positive feedback online and this award: Brutus Award.

last Shows where we were present:
Oct-2016 the New York Audio Show:
intro to
It was a good show - more information as it becomes available.

About the web site:

Help in navigating the website, is based in the idea of hyper links and many of the pictures are linked by clicking on them...  as an example the JENA Technologies text above... will take you back to the home page if you click on it.

The entire website is designed with that type of thinking... most of the pictures of a product on the home page ~ the index page, are "hot" linked. The directory is hot linked.  We try and make it convenient to use. 

Having said that it is also true that we can't hang onto being compliant with really bad practices in legacy browser designs of long ago.  If you are actually using Microsoftİ WFW 3.11 ( late 1980's ) and IE3... those belong in a museum ( because it still runs does not make it safe ).  Don't expect those to be usable here or anywhere.   At the other end of the spectrum are advanced mobile devices with screens the size of a cracker. (Fortunately those are proving to be a bit impractical and even mobile devices are being delivered with bigger screens now...   we had some tests going...  but it is a fact that this website, at this time, is not very useful with postage stamp sized screens... but your i-pod or Android will work OK.  Our web design needs to be a compromise to accommodate all.  A full sized computer is still the best device on the internet, function wise...
... This website is designed on a workstation sized computer.


Currently, about what we are doing:

Our world standard AC power conditioner, top of the line Sequoia, the Sequoia Seedling and the Twig - And the Sequoia Sapling is being redesigned for a new case .

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