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The StreamDancer DSD over USB2

A review found on our  Jena Labs StreamDancer USB cable:

      More info relative to the USB cables we make.

We can and do build the StreamDancer to many different lengths....We have made them as short as 10 inches and as long as 7 feet... We simply list the 5 foot length as that is a popular selection that most people choose. You can order any length you want. however the cost to make is not a linear progression.. the basic price up to 5 foot is $500.00 past that in length the cable is a factor in physical management so it will cost a little more.
Lengths over 10 ft please ask us how much. e-mail@jenalabs.com
    The use of Copper...
    We don't like silver for music..it is great for Direct Current as you find in power supplies, and would use silver in that application without hesitation, but has some high frequency artifacts that we don't like and hence, never use it for audio signals. Distortion is not real detail, but some people think it is. 
     Our copper is exceptionally high purity and long linear crystal composition. Yes these are important. OFC copper [ 4-nines ] is not pure enough. OFC grade usually contains too much silver, bismuth, antimony, and a few other minerals, that break up the crystal structure. Our Immersion Cryo process also increases the quality of the crystal structure, far more so than regular vapor cryo mostly used by others.
    Break-in time:
 Even a good cable break in machine can not substitute for use in actual system to achieve final settling, but it can speed things up. A day or two on a cooker can take 3 or 4 days out of total time needed in system. Your going to get to that eventual time anyway, just listening, so why spend money on a cooker when you can spend the same money on more music? To me, more music selection is better than spending money on a gadget that is rarely used, and only does a partial job at best. If you already have a cooker, yes, use it, but final break-in is a complex process that requires being in the system of use, so all the electrostatic potentials and signal bandwidths are as they are and will be in actual use.

    Why Custom made lengths:
We build all our cables to the customer's specific order. We do not have inventory pre-made. There are so many options over our entire range of products that we build, it would be impossible to have pre-built inventory just laying around, and be assured that we would have exactly what someone wants.

    Why we do not shield the cable:
In the StreamDancer, the 2 data lines are a tightly twisted pair, as per the specification protocol of the USB standards. We have not found it necessary to shield them. Adding a shield will increase the parasitic capacitance to ground for each line in the pair, and reduce the bandwidth of the transmission line. You would hear that as a drop in transparency or detail. There may be a rare circumstance come up some day, where due to very high RF field in a given location, the trade-offs involved may well favor shielding the data lines...but we have yet to encounter that situation. If it is needed, we can do so with a grounded braided copper shield applied over the data pair, and the DC lines braided over the shielded data line. Yes, it is very possible to do so. but not needed in normal circumstance. And due to slowing of rise-time due to capacitance, not desirable unless absolutely needed to eliminate another problem that is greater in magnitude than the losses of the cure.

If you have other questions, we are happy to try and answer them.
Jennifer WhiteWolf-Crock

   The Stream Dancer.
            StreamDancer USB 2
       1,2,3,4 foot.        $560.00
      5 foot                  $625.00
      7.5 foot               $710.00
      10 foot                $1,000.00

    Domestic USA sales are free with small flat rate priority USPS box with tracking as method of shipment.

         note: Italy has special requirements that make the price of shipping to Italy special - please e-mail for arrangements.
         other country's e-mail for arrangements and pricing options.

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