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Note: Jumpers are not Interconnects for component to component connections see our Interconnects page.
   Want a pair of Interconnects that are the general size of these Jumpers below?....
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    What then, are Super jumpers?
Shown Below:
 jumpers in use
        The "Super jumpers" are a fantastic solution to a very specific set of needs:        
Used on the back panels of specific gear they enable direct connection of Pre to Main Amplifier paths were the ground is already established internally.

The signal path is through the center pin connection, when a electrical path from shield to shield is not needed or to be avoided.

What our customers are already raving:

“The jumpers have arrived and they work great, fit beautifully. I think you have a winner with these. Thank you for making the changes.”

 Please note: As with all connectors, make sure that the jumper cables are fully seated into the mating component for the most secure connection.
The Price of a set of "Super Jumpers" Jumpers for Integrated Amplifiers is $100.00 plus $7.50 shipping to the lower 48 states.

note: Italy has special requirements that make the price of shipping to Italy $26.00 - please e-mail for arrangements.

These come with a nice reusable (for many small objects) plastic container.
    Super Jumpers.

        Super Jumpers are $100.00 a set of two jumpers (stereo) and the shipping is $7.50 priority Shipping with Tracking.

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