News... July 2nd 2010 
    We have decided to close down the Esoteric 3D-X product. 

    Why is a bit complex... It is costly to produce.  It works great but it is a specialty product that just does not fit the electronics based future we have in mind. 
So for the most brief period of time it will remain available... When our last batch is sold out, the product will be no more..  This is not a time period it is a supply issue. When it is sold out we will not be producing any more.  There is no product like it out in the market that operated in the same way. None the less we have terminated its production.

    Capitalism 101 - When then demand for a product drops below the minimum cost production ratio to maintain a reasonable price for sales to commence, with profitability, one of two possible solutions can be implemented.
    1     Raise the price to the point of profitability.
    2     Terminate production.
  Very sorry to say that even a great product that works fantastic is not immune to that reality.
The last kit was sold this page is just history...

Esoteric 3D-X is a quantum improvement in enhancing and protecting your treasured CDs, SACDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and DVDs.
brutus award for esoteric 3d-x

Based on current aerospace chemistry, the new Esoteric 3D-X is specifically formulated for polycarbonate, and is designed to dramatically enhance surface transmittance and refractive characteristics as well as protect delicate surfaces from common contaminants, such as oils from your hands and accidental contact with water.

When a disc is treated with Esoteric 3D-X, an optical coating is created that does something like what the lens coating of a fine camera does.
Laser light is better matched to the difference between the refractive index of air and the refractive index of the plastic. Look at a disc after treatment-the “rainbow effects” are visually much more pronounced. That is not scatter; it's transmission. The laser optics of the player or recorder can now “see” through the plastic layer much better, resulting in tremendously improved recovery of encoded information.

The end result of improved laser beam transmission in and out of the disc is that the optical signal-to-noise ratio is improved, and there is a better waveform generated by the reading of the edges of the data pits. These result in less jitter in the original datastream off the disc, and less-frequent activation of your player's error-correction circuitry.

Completely free from any abrasives or residue that might migrate from the CD to your precious player, Esoteric 3D-X is the safest and most effective product on the market.
Note: Some optical discs have warnings about the use of cleaners and anti-static sprays. It is best under those conditions to follow the advice of the manufacturer and not use anything on the surface of these non-polycarbonate optical discs.

Esoteric 3D-X uses neither alcohol nor “waxes.”

Esoteric 3D-X is a rich, luxurious cream, making application clean, simple, and economical-no more drips, spurts, or wasted product. A very small amount (the size of a small pea) is sufficient to treat each disc, so the generous supply of 4oz. in the standard kit is more than enough for hundreds of applications.

A quick buff with the included lint-free, non-abrasive, optical-quality polishing cloth between plays guarantees “just-treated” results for months.

Esoteric 3D-X has a transformational impact on the performance of digital audio discs.

Our test listeners uniformly reacted with shock to the differences between untreated discs and discs treated with Esoteric 3D-X, even when those surfaces had been previously treated with a competitor's highly regarded product!

Because of our unique formula, your player is guaranteed to function at its highest optical performance level, with minimal triggering of quality-robbing error-correction circuitry.

CDs respond with:

The effects of Esoteric 3D-X are so pronounced that a number of test listeners openly expressed skepticism, suggesting we had actually adjusted the volume upwards or switched discs for the A/B comparisons!


Esoteric 3D-X is very effective on DVDs, DVD-As, DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, video CDs, and LaserDiscs.
Some things you'll notice:
Manufactured and packaged with pride in Oregon, Esoteric 3D-X is a 100% U.S.-made product.

Esoteric 3D-X is unconditionally guaranteed to please. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused product during the first 30 days for a full refund, minus shipping costs.

The standard kit contains:
One 4.oz bottle of Esoteric 3D-X.
Forty application pads in a pull apart block.
One plastic box to hold the "in use" application pad.
Fifty polishing pads.
One pin to open the bottle.
One set of Instructions.
One metal "lunch Pail" kit box.

There is no Sales Tax in Oregon so you are not charged any tax from us here.

    * Liability, warranties, and disclaimer notice:

The use of optical treatments on delicate surfaces requires some care in their use and application. We have tried to produce the finest product for a class of plastics used in the creation of most optical discs. We recommend that you be aware of what your discs are made of.

Our guarantee is limited to the replacement value of the Esoteric 3D-X. We cannot be responsible for misuse of this product or its unsuitability with non-polycarbonate materials used in the manufacture of some optical discs-most often, a small number of dual-layer SACDs. This product does contain petroleum distillates, and there may be in fact some rare plastics or organics that are not compatible with this treatment.

Do not ingest Esoteric 3D-X, as it is slightly toxic.

About Shelf life, if unopened Esoteric 3D-X will last about 2 years... but who is going to do that?  Nobody.
Esoteric 3D-X is a self curing material when it is exposed to air.  It behaves in much the same way as a latex paint would. Once it cures, thats it, no going back.
Thinners and solvents don't extend its life and will, in fact, wreck it.

Alcohol is bad news to Esoteric 3D-X... don't even consider it, Alcohol is also very bad for your CD's.
Esoteric 3D-X will cure in the bottle after some time if left uncapped... the more air in the bottle the faster this will happen.

It is not a fast process but it is an inevitability.  Use it, use it over a period of time, that is fine... but after about 18 months and a 1/4th bottle, it will go and nothing will stop it.

So here is our offer to those who were perhaps to conservative in enjoying it, so to speak.

For the price of shipping and handling which will depend on were you live we will replace the bottle if it is more than 9 months old to 2 years.

Esoteric 3D-X was meant to be used... and used up :)

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