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!!! CAUTION !!!
!!! WARNING !!!

Do not use ANY silver- or metallic-particle contact treatments on Jena Labs cables... Or on anybody's interconnects for that matter.
These treatments WILL migrate around in the connector and cause aberrant behavior or short circuits.

Think about it... does that not make sense.  Tiny metal bits in a fluid, painted into a connector and you expect that it won't move around?

Also, use of silver- or metallic-particle treatments often leads to amplifier oscillation, which can cause catastrophic amplifier failure. Severe damage may also occur to speakers connected to the amp.

And if you make such stuff... Think about it...  See above.   Make something else, no fear of competing with us in manufacturing anything like that... We are not that stupid.

USE OF ANY SILVER- OR METALLIC-BEARING CONTACT TREATMENT ON JENA LABS PRODUCTS WILL INSTANTLY VOID ALL WARRANTIES AND FACTORY TRADE-IN POLICIES. This includes plugging an untreated cable into a socket previously treated with these treatments.

Its considered impolite to use all caps in text because it is the same a yelling, shouting and screaming at someone...
                     Am I making my point. 
    That stuff causes damage, we've seen it.  Don't fall pray to the snake oil peddler.
    Liquid or cream + metal conductive powder + your stereo = high probability of short circuits at the very least.

Silver and metallic contact treatments CANNOT effectively be removed with cotton swabs and household alcohol. We have found the following procedure to be effective:

1. Flush the contaminated connector with CRC Industries part number 05151--Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner--followed by blasting with compressed air. Repeat until the Brakleen® flushing fluid comes out clean and free of metallic debris.

2. Flush the connector with CRC Industries part number 05101--QD® Electronic Cleaner--followed by blasting with compressed air. Repeat at least three (3) times.
Note: Both Brakleen and QD are rated as “plastic-safe” by CRC Industries.

3. Once clean, treat the connectors with a non-metallic and non-solids-residue contact treatment. We highly recommend Jena Labs’ Jena Contact Enhancer or Caig Labs’ “DeoxIT® SHIELD” contact protector.

The CRC products can be found at most leading automotive parts and supply shops. Product details are located online at:




Jena labs.


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