Oppo BDP-93 Mods    Updated - July 21, 2011    Jena Technologies
        New mods for this Oppo Blu-Ray Player.
         We are are accepting new orders to be done...  e-mail@jenalabs.com

        The wait is finally over - the OPPO BDP-93 is now available for sale on there website at http://www.oppodigital.com.

        Expanded upon our award-winning BDP-83 Blu-ray player, the BDP-93 adds 3D Blu-ray support, internet streaming
        (Netflix, Blockbuster), Dual-HDMI outputs, eSATA, Wi-Fi, RS-232, and a new video processor with enhanced noise reduction.
        For more information about the stock OPPO BDP-93, go to http://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-93.
Our Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray player improvement mods have been implemented..
    Vastly improved video output. 

Our totally inclusive full modification of the BDP-93 Stereo Option  is $1000.
 If you need us to also purchase the player, that is an additional $500.

For use outside of North America, you will also need an 'all region' adapter to allow the player to function with discs coded to other than Region 1 DVD and Region A BluRay. The all region adapter is $120.00.    We do not charge any labor for the adapter installation, only the actual cost of the device.

Analog board op-amp delete, for using ONLY HDMI or Digital Audio outputs, subtract $100.

Add center channel and LFE analog upgrades to Stereo, for enhanced front multi-channel sound, add $140.  Includes some enhancements on the 4 rear surround channels, but not a full super hig performance parts replacement like the front 4 channels...For most people it is a waste of money to bring the rear surrounds up to the level of performance needed in the front 4 channels. The rears carry only signals of limited bandwidth and limited dynamics, just for spacial effects, so DON"T waste money here.

Export paperwork documentation, no charge.
All shipping and insurance extra, at actual cost.

US Dollars
USA and Canada sales: We accept PayPal online, and VISA/MC over the phone.
Other countries: We accept PayPal International and Swift International wire transfers, and from some locations, VISA/MC over the phone.

    Below: a completed Oppo BDP-93
         back of player
            Back and inside of completed Oppo BDP-93.
            Below:  Turned around to the front.
         Above picture incorporated many special design filters for this Blu-ray to give the sharpest picture possible.
         Audio Filters and new high performance Op Amps and special caps are also incorporated to give the best sound this player can achieve.
          It has undergone much testing and the picture improvements are quite remarkable.
    Because these are new, we install the latest firmware upgrades before we ship the units we have to mod. it is done as part of our upgrade procedure.

    Below:We pay attention to the base of the Oppo-93 by creating a form fitting VB2 that dampens and adds mass.

underside and feet.
    above:  New JENA feet and below resonance vibration dampening is in the feet as well.
    All Current Modified Players come with our latest compound rubber + density filled design.
New Jena feet Great feet for your BDP-93.
Inside top cover
top cover BDP-93.  
Above:  Top cover of player showing the felt spacer and our VB2 treatment.
    Shown Below: Configuration of custom Filters designed for this Player
Layout of filter.
Main board filter with many wires for discreet control.
below: Audio board Filter resides on backplane.
Audio filter.
final fitting.
Above: Test fit of both major filter sets.

another view.
A completed configuration
Inside details:
details of insides 93.
Another unit with audio board mods included below:
audio board mods.
detail pictures below:
final prep of Audio filter..
Power inlet inductor shown with a proper ground for machine and wiring of audio board filter
installed audio filter.
Audio board backside and floor prep below:
prep audio.
installed Audio board With custom RCA and upgraded op amps below:
custom audio board..
Completed oppo-93 unit with audio board mods included below:
audio board mods.

And the big preliminary test:

From an early James Bond film in blue ray
first test.

More soon.

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