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    The growing success of our products is in no small way related to how people feel about us.
Here is some fun, I use Google for many things like searches.  A good search engine is the backbone of the internet. Google is that.
So when looking for reviews of our products I put that in the search cue:
Review of Jena Labs    I was overwhelmed with what that yielded...  many of them we did not even know about.

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As a small company we have been amazed at just how far and wide the response to what we produce has been. Our products have sold around the world, mostly by word of mouth, and the representation of a few dealers who see a product worth carrying.  Many other products carry far more profit to a dealer but none as much value in performance in the areas in which we manufacture. That value is to the customers and hence to the dealers who provided a product that really performs.  Thats the profit that comes from another future sale to a very satisfied customer. something to think about.

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Our latest Show was a shared room at the New York Audio show in 2016 with Charney Audio and HiFi Logic. 
With our interconnects, Speaker cables and 5 Model Ones.3 AC power conditioners.
Roon door.Room.

Our latest Reviews have been on our interconnects and power conditioners.
Jan. 13th, 2019 customer review JENA Labs Fugue (with ultra RCA modified SRCA connector):

I compared the Transparent Audio "Super" RCA interconnect (latest G5 technology) against the Jena-Labs Fugue (with ultra RCA modified SRCA connector), played on the ERC-2 CD player and a SET amp with Klipsch La Scala speakers.  

I played "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck, and it became quickly apparent the Jena-Labs IC was just plain better in every way, and even though the price point for each is similar ($800 for the Transparent and $875 for the Jena-Labs), there was just no comparison.

My notes from the test on the ways the Jena-Labs cables excelled:

Cymbals:  clearer
Bass:  crisp, not boomy
Trumpet:  The Transparent seemed filtered unnaturally, the Jena-labs were much clearer, authentic (no filter).
Soundstage:  the width and depth were dramatically wider and more dimensional with the Jena Labs, simply put: WAY more 3d sound.

Other notes:

The Transparent sounded almost flat, with a muted sound, and when I played the Jena-Labs IC that muted sound went away and the sound just became "way better", more nuanced and a lot richer and more alive.  With the Transparent, I had the urge to turn up the volume as I felt like I could not really hear very well.  That sensation went away with the JL.

Normally, I really have to concentrate to hear differences between cables and IC's, but this A/B test was the easiest I've ever heard as the differences were dramatic immediately, and the Jena-Labs were superior in every way.

March 8th, 2015
I spent the last 5 years building out my high end audio system. It is pretty stable now and I thought I had nailed the cabling as well. I went from Cardas Golden Reference and Harmonic Technology to Audience top of the line cabling. Audience was beating anything at or below its price range and most cables that cost more, some time significantly more. I standardized on it - interconnects, phono cable, speaker cables, power cords, power conditioner. All top of the line versions. Super good stuff - read the reviews ...can't go wrong with their product. Then...I ran across JENA Labs. One modest Jena Labs Pathfinder interconnect. Wow - the soundstage was the most coherent I have heard it. No note lost; every part of the soundscape present and accounted for. Organic and natural with ZERO GLARE AND ZERO ELECTRONIC CHALKINESS OR SHEEN. Harmonics true to form.

So I have slowly been building up my system on Jena Lab cables, including interconnects, speaker cables, phono cables from tonearm, headphone cabling etc.

And...I am buying the Sequoia Power Conditioner. I have been picking up the Jena Labs Model Two power cord/conditioner. Let me say this Model Two is a taste of Jena Labs upper end impact at a really modest price. It is insanely good and incredibly reasonable in price.

I just switched out my reference 20amp power cord to my ARC Ref 2SE phono preamp. Amazing difference. The previous power cord was no slouch - beating cords 2-3x in price. The JENA Labs Model Two however took everything to a new level. The soundstage was huge - width and height. The piano and vocals and strings and high hat cymbals were oh so natural and right with perfect pitch, timing and decay. I can hear differences in power cords but usually they are modest differences and typically relate to noise floor being lowered at expense of dynamics and life and presence. Now I can hear other even more significant differences with Model Two -- the seamless and coherent and proportional sound stage, the rich natural non electronic sounding harmonics and tone. The same dramatic differences I hear with the interconnects and speaker cables are same with the Model Two to the same if not bigger degree. The first time I have witnessed that with power cords to this degree of noticeable impact.

Coherence and perfect phase/timing, absence of digital or electronic glare, natural timbre and tone with organic ease to the sound. That is the consistent pleasing musical effect of Jena Labs product. I am hooked.

Not the cheapest cables but worth every penny and then some especially the Model Two. I hope they don't raise the prices when they figure out they are not charging enough. Or if they do raise the price they need to wait until I have bought 4-5 more.

My system:
Audio System

- Spiral Groove SG 1.1 table with Centroid Arm and Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement cartridge with Audio Note SUT
- AMG V12 table with Benz LP-S cartridge
- Clearaudio Innovation Wood table and battery supply with Graham Phantom Supreme + MC Anna cartridge and Thomas Schick 12" + Miyajima Zero mono cartridge
- Modwright Sony 5400es tube CD player
- PS audio perfect wave dac mkii (2nd system)

- Air Tight ATE-2001 preamp
- Air Tight ATC-2 preamp  (2nd system)
- Audio Research Reference 2SE phono preamp
- Herron VTPH-2 phono preamp

- Constellation Centaur stereo amp
- Air Tight ATM-2 tube amp (2nd system)
- Conrad Johnson Premier 350 amp (backup)
- various headphone amps (ALO studio six, Pathos Aurium, Bryston BHA1, Beyerdynamic A1, Sugden Headmaster, Chord Hugo, etc)

- Magico S5
- KEF LS50 (2nd system)
- various headphones (Audeze X & XC, Beyerdynamic T1, Sennheiser HD650)

Darrin P.


A June 2012 review same great Ultra Wire

Hey Mike

I got the wire today and all I can say is WOW! This stuff is really nice and worth every penny. I used it on a set of Audeze headphones. I removed the metal connectors and run the cables through the wooden housing connecting the cable directly to the hot and cold leads the difference is amazing and using the Jena wire is truly the frosting on the cake. I have tried to tell some over the headfi forum how much a difference it make when you hard wire these headphones I guess most are not up for the warranty being voided. Any way this is some very nice wire and I thank you for it.

Dave Larsen

Adrian Mi


Hi Michael

this wire is absolutely incredible, it is the best wire for this kind of audio use I ever got my hands on.

I purchased this wire, in order to re-cable my Edition 9 headphone, which I mainly use for travelling.
After I have re-wired it and started the listening I could immediately hear the quality of the ultra wire.
The music was much more open and balanced than the stock cable. Much more control in
the bass and a much better balance between the mids and highs. The difference to the stock-wire is quite simply eliminated the weeknesses (a little soft mids) of the Edition 9.

So after this positive experience I did also re-cable my Edition 8 headphone, which is my actual main headphone
at home. This was not planned, but it had to be done after this positive experience. I had already
re-cabled my Edition 8 before, not at last since I have a symmetric headamp. In this process I have tried no less than 5 different
cables, some of which I had in my box of ods and sods. Among those cables have been cables from: Cardas, Zu-Audio,
Van den Hul and Kimber. The cable for which I settled then was the Kimber 8TC (yes I manged to cramp this one into the headphone),
which was by far the best of the ones I tested. The Kimber cable did just sound much more alive, than the others, while
not sounding harsh. So now my Edition 8 is also re-cabled with the ultra-wire and it is a considerable upgrade, even to the Kimber, which
is not a bad cable itself. Same effect here, more open (airy), more balance, more control and much more neutrality without sounding boring.....just great.

So in my book the ultra-wire is the most tonal balanced wire and it is such without sounding boring, since it is fast to. It somehow combines the best
of both worlds, the copper and the silver world, without having the disadvantages of the silver.

Since I have recabled now 2 headphones, which was not planned in the beginning, I have used up all material and need to re-order more, since I want to have some of this
marvellous stuff in my box at home for spare.

B.H. - Germany


I got the cables today, just great and lenght now is perfect!!!!
Thank you so much, you guys are the best.
I will contact you regarding speaker cables in the next 2 months.
Best regards.


Hello Michael,

Received a package yesterday, thank you! I have already recabled my
ATH-ESW10 and Ultrasone 900 Pro (full recabling, including separate
cable entry). Well, what I can say. I was thinking of selling ESW10 -
not anymore! It is a keeper now, the same as Ultrasone - it just
opened like a window to the music. Thank you very much for your help,
and for a great product!

Most sincerely

D. L.
St. Petersburg, Russia


Hello Michael,

Very nice difference the new "jumpers" made.  There is more air around the instruments, subtle nuances are more pronounced, such as fingers tips rubbing across guitar strings are more outstanding.  The entire presentation of these Magnepan QR 12's is better.  In my opinion, you have an excellent new product!!  Thanks again, and my hat is off to you and Jena Labs!!

G.N. - IL, USA


Below: Posted on a forum
The usual caveats apply, IMS, IMHO, no connection with anyone in the audio business except as a satisfied customer.

As I wrote before here:, I don't like most speaker cables I've heard. In addition, in the several cases where I've had speaker cables and interconnects from the same manufacturer I've found not synergy but too much of a particular sonic signature.

I'd been using Ridge St. Audio's Alethius Cu for a while (which I still own and think very positively of) when a change to mono-blocks prompted a desire for shorter cables. Having been curious about Jena Labs for a while, I bought a used pair of their Twin 15 Valkrye in four foot lengths. These are all copper (cryo'd) assembled in a basket weave and come in two runs for each side (single or bi-wired; mine were the former).

At the time I was using Kubala-Sosna Emotion and Expression ICs, finding them the best I'd heard and a better combination with the Alethius than the KS Expression speaker cables (quite good nonetheless) were.

Inserting the Jena Labs cables resulted in a sound that was significantly more open, resolving of low level detail and neutral (both in frequency and tonal balances). The tonal accuracy (the value of most importance to me) is the best I've ever heard. Instruments and voices simply sound more realistic than with any other cables I've tried and are extremely three dimensional. Vocals, in particular, seem to just float in front of one. The other qualities that distinguish these cables are a refinement, smoothness and transparency that surpass any other SC I've had in my system. Imaging is excellent. Soundstaging is good but I can't say it's any better than the other quality cables I've had here.

It's to be noted, however, that when I received the cables they had rhodium plated spade connectors. Most of the positive qualities described above were present but I hear a forwardness and a "glaze" over the sound with any rhodium connectors. Therefore I asked Jennifer Crock to replace the spades with gold plated ones which she graciously did (using Cardas). The result is these cables have become my reference and I can't really identify any weaknesses in them. Jena Labs now offers their wires with gold plated connectors as well as rhodium plated ones.

Being so pleased with the speaker cables, I ordered a new pair of Jena's Symphony ICs (with gold plated RCAs). Everything I wrote above about the SCs applies to the ICs. The major difference between the Symphony ICs and the Kubala-Sosna Emotions (wonderful as they are) is that the latter's treble, while not rolled off to my ears as some suggest, is a bit recessed. The Symphonys' frequency response sounds more balanced and they also, possibly consequently, sound more open. I sold the Emotions and kept the less expensive Symphonys.

This is the first time I've been happy with ICs and SCs from the same manufacturer. And I still can't identify any detrimental or exaggerated sonic signature to the cables.

It must be said that Jennifer Crock is a pleasure to communicate and deal with, and shares her knowledge and information freely and at length.

My musical tastes encompass classical, folk, world, rock and jazz and I did extensive listening to the Jena Labs products with all of these genres over several months, with all of the equipment listed, prior to writing this review. I'm now solely using the Cronus Integrated (with Black Treasure 6CA7 and NOS tubes) which the four foot Twin 15 SCs were not really long enough for, so, unfortunately, I had to recently sell them. I've just purchased an eight foot set of Jena Labs Twin 11s (not received yet) to replace them.

Equipment used:
Modwright Platinum Sony 9100ES; Marantz SA-15S2; MHDT Havana; Modwright 36.5; Dodd Mono 50s, Rogue Cronus; Aural Acoustics Model B; Black Sand Violet ZI and ZII, and Kaplan PCs.

Similar products (SCs) heard in my system:
Nordost Valhalla; Synergistic Tesla; Ridge St. Audio Alethius! (in silver and copper versions); Audience AU24; Kubala-Sosna Expression; and various by Pranawire, Purist, Kimber, Tara Labs, Straightwire, Stereovox, Nirvana, Morrow, Chimera Labs, Nagys.

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Magazine reviews are important to everyone. That is how many people make a judgment on if or if not they have an interest in a product and many times, it is how they even find out that a product even exists.

As stated before, We do not buy our reviews... We think that is important.  Many Magazines will only review a product if the company that produced a product, advertises in the publication...  That is how the world works...  So far we have tried to separate the relationship in the pursuit of some great truth.
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Off site review Dr. Sardonicus on the "Pathfinder Speaker Cables From Jena Labs"

Impressions: CES 2006 & The PFO Audio Oasis Awards - by David W. Robinson.

From Audiogon a review of our Model One Power cord Conditioner.


Forums are bit tricky if one is looking for absolute truth... Yes that can be found, sometimes. And always with the Caveat that the reader should be very weary of competitors jumping in with a derailment agenda, in order to sell their own products.
Not a judgment here, in many ways it is to be expected.  but it is also true that numbers of people who like something by direct experience can out weigh those with either an agenda... a different sales agenda or no direct experience but a wealth of opinion. So be it.

We do not attend directly or indirectly any forum to promote ourselves.  It is a matter of integrity as policy.  Oh yes we love to have our customers get involved...  That is the venue of customers talking with each other.  If you have ever wondered why we don't promote ourselves directly as a manufacture on any of the forums...  There is not enough time in the universe, to attend to the rising noise floor of scripted replies that just want to absorb time and effort of a direct manufacture in order to generate conflict for its own sake.

Forums are the venue of proper place for discourse between customers... not manufactures.

That is not to say that we do not read them :)

But we do believe that truth will rise up in time.  it just does.
Even our publishing this on our website is going to inflame someones ire and will bring down a wrath of anger somewhere out in forum land... there is no answer good enough for some people... So we just continue to produce real goods for the real world and let the slings and arrows fall were they may... or not.

Forums are the venue of proper place for discourse between customers... not manufactures.

So with out fear of the truth as we have nothing to hide, here are some links to the forum "reviews" we have found... you will also find replies of whatever good or ill will one can imagine.

I will say this.. Those who like our products and have direct experience with them outnumber those who have direct experience with them and do not like our products.  We have no complaints with results like that.

Those who do not like our products and have no direct experience with them can say what they wish and we believe that everyone can interpret that for what it is..

All we can hope for is honest opinions...

Power conditioners:

USB Cables:
Jena Labs StreamDancer USB cable.

 ... That was just a few but you can see a trend.

Again in case you did not try this...

    I use Google for many things, like searches.
So when looking for reviews of our products I put that in the search cue:
Review of Jena Labs

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The growing success of our products is in no small way related to how people feel about us.

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