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  These are the AC Power conditioners we make and this matrix is designed to help explain and show what is available.

The Matrix matrix is set up to see the actual pages on each of these designs - the pictures are hot linked.

<<<Model One.4 - LE picture - soon

 - Seoprene® 14 Gauge currently only - picture and description soon.
Same Filter as below but made with a great rubber cord instead of the hand made 916 style

Model One .4
The Original Power conditioner in a power cord.
This product was the first in the world of its type.
Other clones of it... and some have tried... do not have the advantage of being designed... they imitate, and by most reports... poorly.

This version is the last word in what is practical and achievable in its size and price point and we have brought it up to use the same filter capacitiors of all our newer designs
Model 2
Four features distinguish this product from the Model One:
  • Dual Breaker - balanced power capable.
  • World Standards for all countries, any voltage or polarity
  • BIFROST  protection means selectable voltage.
  • Increased filtering incorporated
These are made with the Cardas NEMA
and Cardas IEC


 JENA Elite Series
Model 3
 Award winning power conditioner uses the same
Main board As the power conditioner below
sequoia sapling
Seoprene® ( 12 gauge) - Power-Con 32
$8,750.00 - 1116 Royal - Power-Con 32
$7,500.00 -
- 1116 Royal - Power-Con 32
The finest Power conditioner we make.

We at JENA realize that our products are very desirable... and we do take trade-ins.
What we do with them is re-manufacture the Old (mostly Model Ones of any age into fully current Model One .4's
by replacing the entire internal circuit board with a new designed board for this purpose - it is the same one we use in the newly manufactured
Model Ones... Model ones last many decades - but they are very rare in the open market because they work... the older design was wonderful, these are better.
    So with that understanding... we offer, as we get them... Re-manufactured Model Ones into Model One .4's.
... just no options on cord lengths as these are re-manufactures of already used units.
 click on the picture below to go to the page were they are offered.

Re-Manufactured, Model One .4
full Warranty - absolutely new board and newly made - not a rebuild.
check for availability
$1400.00 for the 916 style when available,
 no choice on color of cord or length as they are as they are.

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